Welcome to Copenhagen Mentoring Walk

Welcome to Copenhagen Mentoring Walk

Welcome to Copenhagen Mentoring Walk Welcome to Copenhagen Mentoring Walk Welcome to Copenhagen Mentoring Walk

About copenhagen mentoring walk

The annual Mentoring Walk in Copenhagen is one of nearly 200 Mentoring Walks held globally in more than 60 countries at the beginning of March in celebration of International Women's Day.  

Global Mentoring Walk is a flagship event created by Vital Voices, an organization founded in 1997 by Hillary Clinton and Madeleine Albright with a desire to support other women's "global voice" professionally, legally and politically. 

In Denmark, Ann Randrup is the founder and promoter of the Copenhagen Mentoring Walk. 

Through Vital Voices' Global Mentoring Walk, mentors and mentees come together to walk in their communities, sharing challenges, solutions, forming supportive bonds that foster growth, confidence and leadership.

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Empowering female leadership

In Copenhagen we hand-pick inspirational women for our mentoring team and match them with mentees based on their wishes stated at sign up. 

We have a strong focus on the value of cross-industry mentorships and, in addition, we encourage young women to be mentors and older women to be mentees - depending on where they are in their careers and what experiences they have. The walk gives each pair the opportunity to share and to learn.

Our intention with Copenhagen Mentoring Walk is to empower female leadership in Denmark. It is our long-term goal to see more women in key positions both in Denmark and around the world.

We believe that female leadership is essential for the positive development of the world and in order to achieve the UN's Global Compact Goals. 

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